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7 places to take your dog hiking

Now that the temps will be going down, hiking with your pup is a must! Here's a list of 7 of my favorite dog friendly hiking spots in Texas.


Lake Bastrop North & South Shore Parks

This is a LCRA park located on the North side of Lake Bastrop and does have an entry fee of $5/adult. It has a 4.5 mile trail that connects the two parks, and a total of 9.2 total trail miles shared between the two. The terrain on these trails varies from flat, dirt paths to short & steep rocky inclines, and trail lengths vary from 0.4 miles to 4.5 miles, so there are spots for dogs of every activity level!
Check out their website to learn more:



Colorado Bend State Park

This park is owned and operated by Texas Parks & Wildlife and is located in Bend, Texas. It boasts 35 miles of hiking trails for you and your pups to enjoy. There are many options as far as terrain, distance and scenery. The pictures above were taken on a 14 mile hike through the state park with my pups several years ago (when they still had some pep in their step!). If you go, make sure you stop by Gorman Falls! It's absolutely beautiful!
Check out their website to learn more:



South Llano River State Park

This State Park is located in Junction, Texas and boasts 22.7 miles of hiking trails! As you can see from the photos above, the terrain is fairly flat, but their are some mild inclines. Most of the trails are rocky. If your pups feet aren't used to the rocky terrain, be sure to pack booties, or avoid super long hikes so their paws don't blister! (Yes, this does happen!) If you're hiking in the back of the park, be sure to bring plenty of water, as there is none past the trailhead. There are primitive campsites a few miles down the Mid-Canyon Trail, and it's very peaceful and much more spread out than the regular sites. If you and your pups are up for a hike-in camping trip, this is the place to go!
Check out their website to learn more:



Russell Park

This park is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers and is located in Georgetown, Texas. The park is amazing and hosts day use, as well as camping. The trails however, border Lake Georgetown and connect all other parks along the lake shore. I chose Russell Park for this Blog, because the Goodwater Trailhead located at the entrance of this park is where I usually start my hike, however, any trailhead will do. You have 28 miles of hiking trails that will take you through meadows, springs, river crossings, forests and more. There are also primitive camping spots dotted throughout the trail, and are very rarely used, so you and your pups will likely have the camp grounds to yourselves!
Check out their website to learn more:



Pedernales Falls State Park

This state park is located just west of Austin in Johnson City. It has 45+ miles of established hiking trails, plus the area by the falls to explore! The trails vary in difficulty, and in some areas have zero access to water, so be sure to pack plenty for yourself and your pooch! Please note, there are trails for horses, so ensure your pup is on a leash and keep an eye out for horses that may cross your paths!
Check out their website to learn more:



Reimer's Ranch

This Travis County park is located in Dripping Springs and boasts several miles of multi use trails. They have caves, springs and quite a bit of Pedernales River front for you to explore with your pup! Be sure to pack your camera and take lots of pictures of your pup with the beautiful scenery!
Check out their website to learn more:



Bull Creek Greenbelt

This park is located in Austin and has quite a few miles of hiking along the creek! Most people have their pups off leash, so if your pup isn't great with other dogs, it may be best to avoid this park. If they're fine with other dogs, go check it out! There are also several other greenbelts in the city that are great for both humans and dogs alike. This one is less frequented, so you're able to spread out and enjoy some space to yourself!
Check out their website to learn more:

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